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MaXM Asset Management

The MaXM Fixed Asset Management module is designed to identify a capital purchase in the MaXM Materials Management system. 

The hospital professional assigns a depreciation category to the item within the fixed asset schedule. MaXM Asset Management then provides on-going depreciation for all capital purchases. The user has on-line access to pertinent statistical data regarding these capital items. Multiple reports are available to identify the status of purchases within the fixed asset schedule.

Items which pre-date the introduction of the MaXM Materials Management system may be entered into the MaXM Fixed Asset Management module with minimal data entry in order to identify the item and to compute its depreciation. Within the MaXM Asset Management module, the user has the capability to update the location and condition of the item. MaXM provides a complete audit trail of transactions affecting each fixed asset item. These measures ensure that the depreciation expense is up to date, accurate and verifiable.

The MaXM Asset Management module is designed to provide the most efficient means to record the purchases of capital items on-line and to calculate and report associated depreciation schedules. Listed below are some of the distinctive features found within this module:

Significant benefits are realized from the use of the MaXM Asset Management module. Depreciation of all capital items is automatically calculated on-line, thus creating an accurate source of capital purchase information. Some of the benefits users can derive from using this module are:

This module provides various informational reports pertaining to capital purchase items, which can be accessed on-line or in printed form. Listed below is a representative sample of the management reports available within this module:

Depreciation file data analysis report
Item depreciation by location
List equipment by date with cost
Equipment schedule by General Ledger category
Re-cap of depreciation by cost center
Depreciation compilation verification


Put Yourself in Control !

The combination of AMS' MaXM applications in one comprehensive family of Healthcare Expense and Commodity Management systems lets you focus on building customer satisfaction, delivering value to those that use the facility, and creating an environment that draws the best healthcare professionals to your door. MaXM is the one materials management system that gives you all of today's most advanced capabilities at your fingertips.

Product Highlights
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