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MaXM Food Services Management

The food service operation of a healthcare facility has unique requirements. Hospitals need to plan, prepare and deliver three customized meals a day to each patient, as well as provide food service for staff and visitors. To ensure that high quality, nutritional meals are delivered, an effective management system must be in place. The MaXM Food Services module provides the functionality to coordinate the daily operations of a dietary service through:

All facets of food scheduling, from recipe creation to food production, are available within this module. The founding concepts of the MaXM Food Services module are:

u Recipe Management
u Meal Management
u Menu Planning/Scheduling
u Food Production
u Nutrient Data Base Management

MaXM maintains specialty catalogs for food to reduce data entry and track usage, which allows the healthcare professional to maintain a history regarding food services management, as well as calculate future dietary needs. The catalog expedites purchasing by supplying vendor and contract information for any desired item. As a fully integrated component of MaXM Materials Management, this module provides accurate item utilization data. Listed below are some of the distinctive features of MaXM Food Services:

The hospital professional will realize significant benefits from MaXM Food Services such as:

As a result, a virtually paperless environment is created.

Additionally, MaXM Food Services automatically compiles all essential ingredients for the daily food production process. This compilation provides the dietary manager the most timely and cost-efficient approach to menu planning. Listed below is a representative sample of the management reports available within this module.

List meal ingredients
Recipe cost report
Meal cost report
Menu cost report
List meal types
List diet types
List recipe units
On-hand production inventory
Menu requirements worksheet


Put Yourself in Control !

The combination of AMS' MaXM applications in one comprehensive family of Healthcare Expense and Commodity Management systems lets you focus on building customer satisfaction, delivering value to those that use the facility, and creating an environment that draws the best healthcare professionals to your door. MaXM is the one materials management system that gives you all of today's most advanced capabilities at your fingertips.

Product Highlights
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