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MaXM Materials Management

MaXM Materials Management is the foundation for the entire MaXM family of Healthcare Expense and Commodity Management systems. This system provides an automated, real-time, multi-user, central data base environment.

You'll be able to control all facets of materials management in single- or multi-facility healthcare enterprises, allowing you to both plan ahead effectively and to handle emergency situations efficiently. You know where things are, how to get them, and how to ensure they're where they should be when they're needed. 

The MaXM Materials Management system consists of the following applications:

Every entry, from item requisitioning to receiving, is simultaneously and automatically transferred throughout the system. MaXM provides the functionality to efficiently accomplish all aspects of the supply procurement process and even has a feature for non-stock items. Materials management professionals can quickly access:

Some of the many benefits which can be realized by using MaXM are:

On-line inventory control:
-- Unlimited number of inventory locations
-- Real-time inventory updates
-- Back order processing
-- Automatic par level recommendation
-- Issue items in multiple units of measure from any inventory location
Reducing labor expense:
-- On-line access to vendor and item information
-- User-defined pick lists/order books
-- Bar code technology with portable data terminals
-- Item identification via on-line image display

--Full functionality to support these purchasing methods

On-line/real-time processing:
-- Simultaneous and automatic transfer of information throughout the system

Integrating Accounts Payable:
-- Easy retrieval of purchasing/receiving information
-- Three-way match between the purchase order, receipt and invoice
Flexible interface options:
-- Compliance with HL-7 Interface Standards, e.g., General Ledger and Patient ADT Systems
-- MaXM successfully interfaces to all major HIS vendors

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI):
-- Immediate access to major vendors via EDI

Improving management control:
-- On-line monitoring of physical inventory
-- 99 user-defined security levels
-- Central office capabilities
-- More than 250 management reports
Audit trail capabilities:
-- On-line transactional audit trail reporting
-- On-line price variance reporting
-- Monthly and year-end statistical reports

In addition to MaXM Materials Management, the MaXM family of Healthcare Expense and Commodity Management systems include: Accounts Payable, Asset Management, Budget Management, Equipment Rental, Food Services, Laundry and Linen, and Operating Room.

MaXM Materials Management Process


Supply Requisition

Purchase Order


Vendor Invoice


Check to Vendor

Global characteristics found in all MaXM applications and modules are:

The combination of AMS' MaXM applications in one comprehensive family of Healthcare Expense and Commodity Management systems lets you focus on building customer satisfaction, delivering value to those that use the facility, and creating an environment that draws the best healthcare professionals to your door. MaXM is the one materials management system that gives you all of today's most advanced capabilities at your fingertips.

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