MaXM Materials Management

Vendor Management

The Vendor Data Management application enables the materials manager to create a comprehensive data base of all vendors utilized by your organization. Listed below are distinctive features found within the MaXM Vendor Management environment:

The hospital professional benefits from this application’s extensive database capabilities because Vendor data is automatically and simultaneously entered throughout the entire system. This real-time functionality eliminates time-consuming, repetitive data entry. Listed below is a representative sample of the management reports available within this module:

Bid Comparison Report
Bid Record by Due Date
Bid Record by Item
Bid Record by Number
Contract Listing by End Date
Contract Listing by Start Date
Contract Listing by Vendor
Contract Utilization Report
Contracts by Item in Contract # Order
Contracts by Item in Vendor Order
List vendors added or updated by date
List vendors by name
List vendors by name/address
List vendors by number
List vendors on A/P hold
Printing labels for vendors


Put Yourself in Control !

The combination of AMS' MaXM applications in one comprehensive family of Healthcare Expense and Commodity Management systems lets you focus on building customer satisfaction, delivering value to those that use the facility, and creating an environment that draws the best healthcare professionals to your door. MaXM is the one materials management system that gives you all of today's most advanced capabilities at your fingertips.

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